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About Me

TheRealKimSmith is my experiment in truth-telling. 

I like many of you have been through the wringer to get to my current state of curiosity about life.

Trauma, addiction and mental health challenges (all what I consider the normalcies of existing as a human) have shaped and created the story of my life to this day.

I have been a seeker my entire life. A part of my being remained untouched by the pain and chaos of living. That part has always been asking me to come back home to truth. 

This is why I write. 

I began practicing yoga at a tiny studio in Binghamton, NY in 2002. At the time I was receiving treatment for cancer. My body was tired and toxic, from the illness and the cure.

I was hooked from my first savasana. That sacred space connected me to the part of myself that is whole and unchanging.

I drank and used drugs to numb, disconnect, and distract myself from feeling anything. It was too much. My yoga practice provided temporary relief but nothing sustainable while I was using.

My baseline was fear, a hyper-vigilance that manifested as anger, anxiety and futile attempts to control everything and everyone around me.

Today my practice and life are empowered by my choices and the tools I learned to overcome my addictions and to be present and manage my thinking. Today I am healing. Today I am recovering. Today I am a sober woman.

Yoga lead me to sobriety, sobriety lead me to an awareness that we are all in recovery from and for something in our lives.

I've worked in the behavioral health field as a meditation, yoga, and lifestyle management coach. I have experienced what practices work for myself and for others.

I am a mother. The intricacies of parenting have shown me that we are all always learning, just beginning and that we as parents can lead by example with humility, humor, and compassion.

It's my hope to create connection by sharing my experience. Drawing on the energetic dynamics, the philosophies of yoga, and the clinical understanding of addiction, mental health challenges, recovery, and how it's all related.

Let's talk about it. The confusion, the pain, and the clarity and joy on the other side of it. 

I thank you, fellow human if you have made it this far. I see you. 

We belong to each other.

with love, k

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