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Yoga for Anxiety at Moksha Yoga Phoenix

This class is an introduction on how to use your yoga practice wisely to facilitate mental and emotional balance both on and off the mat.

Each class will offer specific energetically sequenced asana, pranayama, and meditation practices, as well as tools for self-care and self-inquiry to promote grounding and support from the inside out.

Session 1: The Energetics of Anxiety

This class will dive into the understanding of anxiety from an Ayurvedic perspective and provide tools for mental and emotional wellness.

Part 2: Self-Care, Ritual, and Slowing Down

This class will explore practical, accessible self-care tools to promote mental health and stability.

Part 3: Sankulpa Crafting and Yoga Nidra

This class will offer an in depth exploration of creating a sankulpa (intention or desire) and yoga nidra as tools for deep, psychic healing.

Classes will be held at Moksha Yoga Phoenix (click here to register)

Session 1: October 29th from 1-3

Session 2: November 5th from 1-3

Session 3: November 12th from 1-3

The investment for this Workshop is $35 per individual class or $90 for all three classes. Please bring a journal.

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